Proof that previous year question papers really work for JEE Advanced

When you are planning to take the most sought-after engineering exam i.e. JEE Advanced, you need to be well-prepared. Studying everything, going to coaching, revising is not enough unless you put your preparation to practice. Most often very bright students fail to perform upto the mark on the D-Day because of lack of practice. Before taking an exam as tough and competitive as JEE Advanced, one must have a lot of practice. The students can practice by undertaking mock-tests and solving last year question papers. Practicing previous year question papers can be helpful in manifold ways.

Following are some ways in which solving previous year question papers can prove helpful for JEE Advanced preparation:

  • Analyze your preparation – Solving previous year question papers will help you to assess your strengths and weaknesses. The more you practice, the stronger hold you will get on your weak areas. Solving more and more question papers will also help you understand the pace and quality of your preparation.
  • Get familiar with exam pattern – Solving previous year question papers will help you familiarize yourself with the exam pattern. It will ensure that nothing comes as a surprise to you on the day of the examination. It will also help you get used to completing your test within the limited time.
  • Help build accuracy and speed – Solving question papers will help you assess the amount of time you spend in attempting a particular section/ or certain concepts. Thus, it will help you attain speed and accuracy while solving the questions.
  • Helps get confidence – After solving previous year question papers regularly, you gain a sort of confidence in yourself. It helps you trust your preparation strategy and perform well in in the final examination.
  • Avoid exam jitters – Solving previous year question papers also helps you overcome the fear and nervousness of taking the JEE Advanced exam. It prepares you for the D-Day and ensure that you don’t mess up because of fear.

So, solve as many previous year question papers as possible to ensure that you achieve great success in the JEE Advanced exam.

All the Best!

The Samurai Way of Math Preparation for JEE Main


While preparing for competitive examinations like JEE Main, Mathematics play a very significant role in the preparation. Though, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics carry equal weightage in the JEE Main exam, but Mathematics ultimately becomes the deciding factor in the end result. Mathematics also come to the students’ aid to understand the foundation of physics and chemistry.

Mathematics with its formulae and calculations enables students to improve their JEE Main score. In order to score well in Mathematics, students must ensure to learn all the important formulae and derivations by heart. Since mathematics is all about calculations, students must practice as many Mathematical problems as possible. Undertaking mock tests and solving previous year question papers will also prove fruitful in the preparation for JEE Mathematics section.

Following are some of the most important topics for JEE Main Mathematics Section:

  • Conic Section
  • Application of Derivative
  • Definite Integral
  • Sequence and Series
  • Quadratic Equation
  • Limits and Continuity
  • Trigonometry

Vinay Kumar and Arihant Publications are the best books which may be used for the preparation of JEE Main Mathematics Section. Thus, all JEE aspirants can start with the NCERT books for Mathematics for class XI and XII, and then move on to the more detailed preparation strategy which will help them score great in the Mathematics Section.

You can visit the official YouTube Channel of Vidyamandir Classes to have access to Manmohan sir’s lecture on the various topics for JEE Main Mathematics preparation.

Wish you all the Best for your JEE preparation!

How to Get a Better Score in JEE Chemistry

Chemistry is generally considered to be the most scoring subject among PCM, while preparing for JEE examination. The questions asked in Chemistry are rather easy and straightforward in comparison to the ones in Mathematics and Physics. Thus, many students and teachers feel that working hard on Chemistry will ensure a better score in JEE exam.

Following are some ways to score high in JEE Chemistry:

  • Know your syllabus – Chemistry is further divided into three interrelated branches, including, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. Since the three branches are inter-related, one must focus on each one to score well. Also, ensure to go through the detailed syllabus as prepared by JEE for the yearly exam.
  • Preparation is the key – Once you are well-aware of the syllabus, the next step is to start with topic-wise preparation. Make sure to put individual focus on each branch. You must analyze and prioritize the important topics and prepare in accordance with the prioritization of the topics.                                      Learn the periodic table, the formulas, the derivation of the formulas by heart so as to save time while solving the problems.
  • Good study material – One of the most significant tips of scoring well in any examination is to get your hands on the best study material available. For JEE aspirants, NCERT texts are the ultimate guide to help them get hold of all basic concepts. Once your basics are clear, you can take coaching which will provide you with study material, you can also take online lessons for chemistry available in the form of lectures, on websites like YouTube. An example of which is –
  • Make notes – Making notes while studying will help you to get a better understanding of the concepts and will also help you to memorize well. The same notes will come to your ultimate aid at the time of the revision.
  • Practice mock exams – Along with the preparation, you must test your practice time and again. Solving as many mock-tests, and last year examination papers as possible is the solution. Practicing mock-tests will not only help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, but will also allow you to understand the subject and the exam better.

NTSE Last Minute Preparation Tips

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national level scholarship examination conducted by NCERT to identify and nurture the most talented minds. NTSE is conducted at two levels each year – state level and national level.

The candidates who qualified the first exam, which was conducted in November 2018, with 80% are now waiting for the second level exam due on June 16, 2019.

With one day left, following are some suggestions for the students planning to take the exam:


Wake up early – On the day before the examination, wake up early in the morning. Start your day on a positive note with some exercise and meditation. Waking up early would also give you ample time to do the last-minute preparations.

Do not over-study – Try avoiding to over-study on this day. Try to revise and go through the notes which you may have made during the preparation period. Do not try to grasp in the entire syllabus in one day.

Do not take mock-tests – Make sure not to take any mock tests on the day before the final exam. Merely going through some practice help-books would suffice. You must not put yourself under any pressure before the D-day.

Go through important details – Spend late-evening time researching details about the examination center. Get a clear idea of the distance between your house and the center. Make sure to gather all the important documents such as ID proof, Admit Card etc. before-hand.

Stay healthy – Make sure to take extra care of your diet on the day before the exam. Ensure not to skip any meals and have well-balanced meals throughout the day. Keep yourself well-hydrated.

Get enough rest – Getting enough sleep on the night before the final examination is an absolute necessity. Avoid watching television and using phone a few hours before heading to bed.

“Don’t Stress, Do Your Best, Forget the Rest.”